Work =/= Success

Imagine: You were plowing a piece of land; you worked hard, day and night. It took you a week before you planted. You noticed one day, beside you a guy who just plow a little, almost to none. He sat down from time to time, had some coffee and played with his phone. You continued working, the guy haven’t done even just a quarter of what you have done. When your plants bloomed, you harvested a lot but because you plowed on a land not yours, a part of your harvest was taken from you. The guy beside you didn’t have much; almost none for he didn’t work at all. The owner of the land told him, “You have so little, just keep it to yourself.” The guy looked relieved then another farmer came to him and gave a portion of his harvest because he looked so “poor” and helpless with so little he has. Another farmer came and gave him a bit of his and another until his harvest was as many as yours. You worked hard, he didn’t. You had the same result of harvest.

Sounds familiar? Oh, yeah. It’s one of life’s biggest loophole.

I’ve had this sentiment even before: People who work their butts off vs. those who don’t and act like a victim of life. But in reality, they can do it if only they work hard enough or be more patient. However, why will they if they can get free things from people who feel like helping them in life rather than feeding them to be lazy and just stay to where there are?

It’s so frustrating to work so hard then all of a sudden big taxes; big insurances are there to flood you crazily; Then there are people who are not working—no tax, no insurance and someone providing for their needs. What a life. Maybe I should just be lazy and act pathetic.

PS: Sorry for ranting. I’m doing my tax today and it frustrates me!
PPS: Everything is true though.


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