Time capsul blog entry (19of30)

Day 19: Letter to your future self

Dear FUTURE Yuki,

I don’t know what to say. I havent thought about you yet. No hard feelings. You know I only rely on my short-term plans and not the future-future. You know how I roll: I live for the moment. 

The only thing, I guess, I could tell you is… Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whoever you are now and however things worked for you… I hope you’re genuinely, passionately happy. 

Don’t worry, no pressure. I don’t expect you be grand, multi-billionaire of a company, a Big shot author. Not that I am dreaming less for you. Again, nothing personal. I just know life is “irregular”. It’s nor fair; it’s hard and rocky. We both know that. So that’s why even if you’re not as BIG as this world, if you are completely happy… then life’s meanness didn’t affect you. 

Also, I hope your life now is full of “I can’t believe I did that!” than tons of “What if”s. I hope you look forward to each day because you have something to live for and someone to wake up for. I hope you are in the arms of the one who truly loves you. 

You have come so far but there are still so much ahead of you. 

We’ll meet soon,

Your 25-year-old self


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