Letter to you. (20of30)

Day 20: A letter to an Ex

Dear ex,

There’s nothing much to say.

I have told you all my feelings in the emails I sent before we broke up and quite honestly, having a closure feels so right.

There are times we still communicate a bit but I don’t think we should be friends again. We are ex lovers and that’s how things will be. Being friends will just frustrate the people we are with today. Let’s be nice and not ruin what we have with them.

It was a good, what–almost 4 years with you. It wasn’t perfect, sure. There were so much flaws more than my fingers and toes combined. Also reason why it didn’t work. But it was good.

I can’t pin point to just one reason why I called it off. I guess it was building up since a few years back. It’s also safe to say we are not meant to be together even if we tried really hard.

I never regret our relationship. I learned so much that it made me a better person; a better girlfriend even. I hope it made you the same.

I hope you’re happy,



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