My influences (21of30)

Day 21: 10 People who influenced you and how

Disclaimer: Ofc, my parents and siblings have given me so much influence. I thank them for that. However, I will not include them in the list because it is already given and obvious. Thank you my beloved parents for everything and my sister for the things she have imparted me. Also, list in NOT particular order.

1. Ma’am Paller (My English Teacher)

She was my 2nd year High School English teacher. She changed me in a way she didn’t even know. One day while we were making a paper for English class, like an essay but also needed some research, she called my name and edited my paper. Then she told me, “You have a potential in writing.” I was shocked. I never expected it especially from my English teacher. She saw something that I don’t even know I have. From that, I started writing every day about things that I like. I write on MS Word endlessly. I didn’t care with grammar and all. My teacher said I have the potential. Since then too, I started winning essay writing contest and finished High School with a Literary Award. She changed me.

2. Bodeth (A best friend)

I met a girl in 4th grade. Her hair was very short unto her ears. She talks as if she didn’t care in the world and her teeth then were not perfect. We met because we have the same school service. She lived a bit near our house, walking distance. She was so bubbly, very energetic, full of enthusiasm. I can’t even describe. I don’t want to call her an ex-best friend because to me she is still even after being apart. The truth: I don’t know where she is now.

Bodeth changed me. Before I met her I was the shy, untalkative person. I didn’t think I have any personality at all. But she became my friend and she changed me. Her very active personality rubbed on me and I definitely changed. She’s very dear to me. However, she told me she will transfer place. In Cabanatuan, I recall.  I went there with my sister to say goodbye to her on her last day in Los Banos. It was the last time I saw her. Wherever you are, I never have forgotten you.

3. Cy Lubigan (My forever girl best friend)

Not in my wildest dream that I thought we will be friends but the universe conspired against us and gave us the biggest joke. lol Idk how or when but we became really close. Actually, I know how: we have the same taste in men. Before. hahahaha ✌🏻️✌🏻✌🏻 In High School we have a list of our crushes who, as expected, never liked us back. hahaha

She influenced me to be a mean girl. hahaha JK! The truth: she is also one of the people who influenced me to write. If you didn’t know, now you know. haha She’s a really good writer and she can draw better. I think she is the leveled up version of me: smarter, better in writing and drawing, has more personality. We posted our short stories we considered “novels” in this website and we supported each other no matter what haha. Although in college we went apart but after that, we’re even closer than ever.

4. Jers Biscante (My forever gay friend) – Gay = happy lol

He has been a friend frienemy to me since 2nd Grade elementary school. We always fight but never to a point of having our friendship over. I cannot count the times I had a feud with him. His personality is just too strong vs. the stubborn me. He influenced me in accepting that we cannot change our friends. We just have to accept them for who they are, for what their preferences are and what their beliefs are. For at the end of the day, we are friends and not dictators of the each others’ life. All we can do is advice them, support and be there when you need them.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not the only one accepting and being there. He was, too and to be honest, he was most. He has always been there for me. He changed his college schedules so we could be classmates, he supported me even if he didn’t like my ex and when we broke up… he was there for me. He didn’t tell me “I told you so” but he was just there.

5. Raffy Abarquez (My forever korni friend-but makes me laugh so bad!)

Always has been the easy-going, often ridiculed that his jokes are not funny. However, he is the guy everyone loves to be with. always smiling, always laughing. Always so easy to be with. That’s what I like about him the most. He is my friend since 1st year high school and nothing changed it. He is the friend who NEVER fails to make me smile and laugh. However, in serious times, he can also be serious.

6. Sir Geovy (My first boss)

He taught me so many things. Not only work wise but also personality wise. Sir Geovy was one of the few who believed and trusted in me. I was young when he employed me. I knew nothing about the things he made me do but he was very patient with me until slowly, I learned. He believed in the things I can do to a point he wanted me to train to have a higher knowledge in Marketing.

He taught me how to be a Leader and not a Boss. He showed me how to be friends your employees. He trusted in me so much it was very difficult for me to quit being his secretary. I learned a lot from him. He’s like my first mentor.

7. Eto Sensei (My teaching mentor)

speaking of mentor, this Sensei was my first Japanese Coordinator as an English teacher. I was young; inexperienced with teaching when we met. She taught me so many things from teaching, drilling vocabularies, doing activities. She taught me so much. I look up to her a mother and a teacher. I am who I am today as a Sensei because of her. I’m forever grateful.

8. Toby Hwuang & Rizkhia (My Foreign Best friends)

I had so many foreign friends from studying in an International school (kuno). I had Rizkiah when we were 3rd grade and Toby in High School. Rizkhia’s from Indonesia and Toby’s from Korea.

Rizkhia was the quiet person who I was always concerned about. I always tried to help her and tried to think if she was okay. My relationship with her was like a sister. I always wanted to make sure she was okay.

On the other hand, Toby was like the long-lost brother I never had. We call each other bad names, we always fight, always run around and fool around. However, when things get a little serious I know Toby’s there for me. He was there when I lost my school allowance and I was crying because I can’t go home. He even did gave me money for my fare. He was there too when (I don’t remember it clearly) he thought I was bullied by someone and he punched that someone on the face. I was questioned a lot by my teachers if he was my boyfriend but he was just a really a dear friend.

Even years apart, when we see each other Toby’s still the same. Last time I saw him was in college. I wish to see him again and catch up.

9. The first guy I went our with after my ex (I won’t name him).

After an almost 4-year relationship, I thought maybe I will just play around. I will just go out with someone and just play with everything. However, this guy showed me that I should be brave in loving again and games were not the answer. He made me realize that there are a LOT more guys who will take me seriously as a girlfriend. I realized maybe there will someone for me.

10. Redmar VT (My love – Mijn Schatje)

I can’t count how much he influenced me. He opened my mind to a world I didn’t know existed. He widened my horizon and showed me the world does not revolve around me. He showed me that second chance as love is not as bad as I think. He taught me to be brave, to not panic if things go wrong. He taught me love knows no boundaries, no time differences, no miles, no distance. He taught me that promises could be kept because he kept all his. He taught me that sometimes just jumping is good. He taught me that if you love someone, you have to be brave to fight for that. Because he was brave enough to love a girl from the other side of the World. He was brave enough to fly a thousand times for her. He was brave enough to trust her with his heart and so, she was braver when she’s with him even if there are so much things to fear.


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