Brunch (22of30)

As you can see, I’m behind with my posts. Well, I’ve been busy. This time though, I’m not faking it. I really was and still is. I met with my friends who happened to be touring Japan atm. I’m such a good friend. lol

Also, I secretly don’t want to end this challenge. haha

Day 22: People who you will invite to dinner (Living or dead)

I put “brunch” because in the upper east side where my dream life of Blair waldorf lives, Brunch is a social event that everyone loves going. I don’t know if they really didn’t eat breakfast for it though lol Also, I love brunch’s setting: Not too dramatic, more casual than dinner, dresses are light-colored and themes have flowers with a setting on the rooftop or something. Aaaah. What a nice brunch and there’s people are on the lists:

1. George RR Martin – Because, come on. who can come up with a very twisted writing than him. bow down to the king lol

2. John Green – Simply because with his writing tone, I think we can get a long. Also, what happened to the dutch person in Imperial affliction????

3. Kit Harringon – Just because. 😉

4. Hitler – I really want to be “deep” in this post but now that I’m typing this person… I feel like I failed in life. haha

5. Sam Clafin – Last time I saw him in a movie, he can’t walk nor lift his arm. I want to see him in a normal state. lol

6. My friends 

8. Redmar, my Schat

9. Sebastian Stan – Just. Because. 

10. Nyle Di Marco – He’s very inspirational 


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