When my world spins, you slow it down

There was a bad news delivered to me yesterday. Also one reason I slacked–I didn’t do my assignment for my examiner job and my blog. I played a game but it wasn’t the best distraction. Disappointment, anger and frustrations washed over me. But those were not my biggest concern. The thing was, I felt like my world was spinning and was getting out of control. I wanted to cry so bad but I felt empty inside. I can’t even. Then Redmar talked to me and he slowed everything down. 

My temperament is Melancholic. I’m emotional, perfectionist, artistic and very in control. Because of those things, when situations doesn’t go my way, my emotions burst into flames of frustration, agitation and anger. I know that now. I might blog about temperaments soon, too. 

Since I can’t cry and can’t write, I looked into the photos I printed of us. It calmed me down. 


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