The best advice (230f30)

Day 23: The best advice you’ve ever got

It wasn’t from my parents nor from a friend.

It was a Saturday afternoon and we usually have Saturday groups with people from church. Usually, I go because my mom forced me. That Saturday though, I was willing. A friend will speak. She’s not a really close friend; just someone I know. She wasn’t the best speaker as well. In fact, I always correct her in my mind. Nonetheless, she uttered something that caught my attention.

“Do not let other people put garbage in your ears”

I was fiddling with my phone but when I heard her say that, I looked up. I took it not as a lesson but an advice.

Back then, I took it a little literal: about gossiping and rumor of someone like I should not let people give me garbage stories about the people I know. It was true but I went a long way already from that point. Now, that advice means so much more to me.

Garbage are easily determined: they are foul-smelling, dirty and useless. The same with those type of words–they are easy to recognize. Words that not only people use to bring you down but also words to hurt you. However, there are things I consider garbage too: the society’s definition of beauty, manipulating words from other people, empty flattery and advice that are unsolicited, undelivered nicely and judgemental.

I reject them all. I should not let garbage in my ear because it doesn’t just stay there. They sink into our hearts and minds and who wants garbage stored up there? not me.


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