Vice City (24of30)

Day 24: Your views on drugs and alcohol

Jenga Blocks. The sole reason of my momentous drunken moment.

Summer 2014. We went at the district of Roppongi in Tokyo. It’s famous for bars, night clubs for youth. Most people go there to party. We didn’t go for that reason. We just wanted to see the district. Nonetheless, we saw ourselves in a bar at 5 in the afternoon, playing darts and drinking some. The bartender suddenly had the brightest idea to bring out the Jenga blocks.

We played for a while until another perky idea popped up: one who lose the game will take one shot of tequila. First one to lose was unfortunately me. I took a shot. It was a cycle, to be honest. I took a shot, a bit dizzy about it and lose the game then took a shot until I knew I was drunk.

We went home via train and my head was spinning so bad I have to say I need to go down the station to pee. However, I did not pee in any way. I vomited so bad I accidentally pressed the emergency button in the toilet. A Japanese train station officer went in after a while and asked me what’s wrong. I said nothing. I washed my mouth, wiped everything off. I felt better after that and managed to go home without anyone knowing what I did at the station. The catch: it was only 8pm when I got home. Too early to be that drunk.

For one, I don’t like being drunk. I hate the feeling. So I’ve never been really a drinker. I actually am not a fan of the “Filipino” style drinking: Everyone in a circle. One, two or more bottle of Tanduay (Rum) or vodka. Everyone takes a shot each time until the bottle’s finished then next. When to stop? I have no idea. The point of it is getting drunk I guess and that’s what I don’t like about it. 

I like social drinking more. A glass or another. Your choice when to finish the glass and when to have another. You’re not forced to swallow some ill-tasting strong alcohol. Just have a cocktail, talk with friends and take some more when you want some more. It’s more like Belgium style. 

I don’t get the point of making yourself drunk and feel bad the day after. No offense to those who do it. 

On the other hand, the first time I tried drugs was when…. never. Lol. I haven’t tried it at any forms for I believe it’s a very expensive way of throwing your life to ashes.

The closest thing I’ve been to is MJ. When we went to a music festival in Belgium, I smelled a very distinct smell. It wasn’t cigarette, it was different. as confirmed later on, most were smoking weed. It’s typical in a music festival they said. Even in the Philippines like the Close Up Forever Summer event where 4 died because of some drugs. 

I also smelled the same thing in Amsterdam, where it is legal. It was everywhere actually: cannabis lollipop, candies, “coffee shop”. 

Generally, my views:

Alcohol: occasional moderate social drinking is acceptable. Getting drunk: not something I enjoy. 

Drugs: Never. 


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