I don’t understand (25of30)

Day 25: Things you don’t understand

One stick of a sword, one bullet in our flesh. I don’t understand how, the said greatest creation, is as weak as that.

Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism. I don’t understand how religion separates us when the general teaching are clearly of peace. How each can start a war that never ends; How is violence from people who claim they worship a holy god; how killing is too easy when approved by a religion. Why people have to discuss; why everyone have to fight for their beliefs yet end up in a messy war of shoving their own religion to others.

I don’t understand how an individual is caged in the stereotype of their ethnicity. How Africans are perceived as slaves yet Americans the dominant race. How Asians are supposed to be the small eyed and white skinned but Asia is bigger and more diverse than it seems. How color of the skin, way of living and race have divided us. How Muslims are suddenly terrorists, Indians Engineers and Thai women were once male.

Computers, Smart phones and Tablets. I don’t understand why many people who are using these are bullies of the modern society. Keyboard warriors are their name. They comment to bully, create new accounts to spread hate and bash on people. How technology bought the awfulness out of us; how a little situation we complain on our fb statuses. How internet-shaming is so rampant yet all who do it are behind their monitors with unknown usernames and anonymous identities.

It puzzles me how overly sensitive our society has become: A small incident is racism, sexism or even beyond our human rights. How breastfeeding a child have become a national issue. How people strip off their clothes to protest for something they believe in and say don’t sexualize them. How even not wearing a tampon is something to dispute about when there are far more cases that needs attention.

I don’t understand.

We are now living in a modern world yet we act like uneducated cave mans, our morality is bent, our mindsets are even more closed and locked than it should have been opened. Our hate spreads like wildfire through the web, which we innitially created to connect.


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