I have been slacking with my Blog Challenge. It was supposed to be finished by the end of June and I’m still at day 26… 4 more to go. Haha Truth is, I don’t want to finish the challenge because I want to blog more. Another truth is, I am a procrastinator. When I’m not in the mood to write, I simply don’t. I don’t like my writings to be half-baked or useless. I find it a special thing to write and I would love to do it with everything I can give. Thus, delayed challenges.

Also… I’ve been doing my own “novel” lately. It’s progress! haha I will upload it somewhere and will send the link on my blog at Day 29: You creative projects. I continued writing because someone promised me to publish my book when I finish it. Not mass-publication but just around hundred copies or so. Gave me the motivation.

Anyway… as per my forgotten tradition, I open my month with a blog post.

Hello, July! (Although we’re half way there! lol)

Summer vacation is coming to schools and I am more than happy to spend summer in the Philippines this year! Woo-hoo! Although I know I can’t top my summer last year which was super-duper awesome… I know this summer will be great too!

Aaaaaah, vacation.


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