Life Questions (28of30)

Day 28: Questions you have about life

What. What else does this life have in stored for us? What is ahead of us? What future should we see? What world shall we continue to preserve?

When. When will war, violence, and persecutions stop? When will the world achieve the peace that seems not to come? When are we going to learn that we should be one instead of taking down one? When will racism will just be a word we used to know, sexism a thing we already have forgotten?

How. How can we be happy in a world full of tragedy? How will we able to just be content on what our lives are? How will we be happy for others’ success?

Who. Who can change the world? Who went out of this life alive? Who are we living for? For whom are we struggling for?

Where. Where does life start and where does it end? Does it end by death or before it? Where is our place in this world?


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