Creative Project (29of30)

Day 29: Your creative Projects

I don’t have a lot of projects. In fact, I only have one. A novel I’m finishing because someone told me he will publish it when I finish it. Again, not mass production but maybe limited hundred copies.

Before I show my book cover, let me tell a story first:

I started writing short stories when I was in 5th grade. We had a special project for our English class to write one. I enjoyed writing it that I filled almost half of my notebook. However, 5th grade was also one of the “Mean Girl Series” years I had. It was funny whenever I look back how mean I got in school; how many girl fights I had; how many girls I picked on. Nevertheless, this particular time, a friend told me, “You’re such a show off” when I showed him my writing; in the end, I didn’t not pass it because I don’t want to be a “show off”.

The next time I wrote something was in 6th grade. I was talking to some friends on what schools they were planning to attend high school when one said in the Philippine High School for the Arts—One of the finest school of Art in the country. Besides the fact that it is situated at the top of a mountain (how cool is that???), it was very difficult to be accepted at the school. I asked her what particular art she would like to learn. She said creative writing. She showed me her piece to submit. To me, it was brilliant. I went home inspired, typed in our desk top computer and made a short story.

The height of my short stories was in High School. I started posting them in a forum’s creative corner with my best friend Cy. We posted a lot and we comment on each others’ writing. That was the time I enjoyed a lot of attention of my writings. I can’t say I was really good then but I think I had a connection with my audience—maybe because I used a mix of Tagalog and English. It was the “height” of my “career”. If there was one, lol.

But college came; I started blogging more than writing. I can’t finish any writings anymore because I’ve been too busy with a lot of work loads. Until I had work and there, I started writing again. One, because I was very bored and second, I felt inspired because I was reading books like changing clothes that time. That was the time; this story came into my mind.

It’s the most mature writing I ever wrote maybe the reason why teens can’t relate. Also… everything is just FICTIONAL. Whatever it may be the same, it might be mere coincidence.

Open the link and enjoy 4 chapters of my book. I will post more for I wrote more chapters. And on a very important note: PLEASE comment what you think about it so I can improve. Thanks, loves.

PS: The photo of the book cover is not mine. CTTO.


Link HERE.


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