7 Late night thoughts I have rn. 

1. Change is inevitable. At some point, things change. Situation changes, people change, even feelings change. Everything changes. At some point, I have to accept the fact that nothing stays the same. Not a single thing. 

2. People, even your own trusted friends, will always talk behind your back. I guess it’s just how things go. It’s just the way it is. 

3. Happiness, Joy and life–never depend them on other people for at the end of the day, you only have yourself. Be brave alone, let solicitude be your strength and nothing can tear you apart. 

4. Some people are so desperate to be understood, they forgot to be understanding. Everyone is in a different situation. Unique and ultimately different but all the same, too. Each one have their own battle to face. Be understanding. 

5. Listen and don’t just hear. For when you give your ears to listen, you will comprehend.

6. As nothing is the constant, let it go. Breathe and let everything go. If good things change, bad things will too. Eventually. 

7. Screw all highfalutin words. What’s the point in writing if no body freaking understands? 


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