Why I blog (30of30)

Day 30: Why You Blog

Finally, we reach the end of the 30-day Blog challenge. Please wait as I pat myself on my back. Lol.

It was supposed to finish 21 days ago however, it took me a while but here we are at the last post with numbers on the title.

With the 30 entries I had—some I enjoyed doing, some were boring and uninteresting. Still, in all those challenges, I gave it all. I tried putting all the creativity I can get from my brain. It was a good challenge for me and I never blogged that frequent.

Now that’s its coming to an end, I’ll tell you why I blog. No bull craps.

I am the kind of person who is guarded. I never put my walls down. For the longest time until high school, I always feel like I have no outlet of my feelings. I never let it out. Everything I stuck in and let it destroy me. This is why I blogged. I needed an outlet of my mind, my emotions and my being.

Everything I have written was from me—from the pettiest thing to the deepest. These were tales I never even tell anyone sometimes. Also why I don’t promote my blog so much. Yes, I need a vent but no… I don’t want everyone to read my thoughts.

To those who were with me since I started blogging, thank you. I put this up not for an audience but all your presence and likes encouraged me. Even if I know some of you personally don’t know me.

I blog for self-expression and I’m keeping it that way.


New badge acquired: Finished what I started (30-Day Blog Challenge) from me to me! Haha. I’ll post it on my cover page.



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