Seven Hundred Thirty(七百三十)

The lamp and its light illuminated the crystal clear window. Outside was pitched black, which made Japan’s skyscraper a more pleasant view. The yacht was cruising Tokyo’s famous bay; on the water were reflection of the city lights. In front of us was a bottle of wine and two glasses filled. We were sitting on the couch and were talking. It was there—while looking though Tokyo we made us official; 27th of July.

It was one of my dreams to be in a cruise. What happened that night was a premonition of dreams turning into reality and the start of our journey together. We’ve been so far from Tokyo Bay; from Matsudo, even. We’ve been to places, even us, never expected to be.

That summer, we traveled together to Osaka. 8 hours of bus with you, how can I forget? We wore and played with your Russian hat on the bus. You were not so uncomfortable then without any enough leg room nor chair space but you didn’t complain. Instead, you kept yourself busy by spotting nice cars along the way

Osaka was nice—we did a lot. However, our unplanned trip to Nara was one of the highlights of the trip. The deer were everywhere! To be fair they were nice to us until we started buying those cookies they love. They started following us, bit our clothes and tried their best to take the cookies from our hands. It was also the Light festival of Nara.

The winter that same year, we were in Paris—my ultimate dream destination. I brought the red coat you gave me but unfortunately, it broke—all buttons flew. Partly because it was one-size too small and also it’s made in China. Lol. We spent our first few hours in Paris looking for a new coat. It was chilling and I was grumpy.

Same winter, you went back to Japan for my birthday. We went to Yokohama: to the China town and played mini golf on top of the building with Yokohama sky scrapper as our view. I don’t know if you still remember but after we went to Cable Car Bar in Yokohama, I hid behind a car to scratch my butt and you saw me. Haha It was embarrassing and funny at the same time.

We also went to Kamakura went inside the biggest Buddha and had one of the best curry and rice we had. Then finally Enoshima Island: climbed through hundreds of stairs, walked through rocks and went into a cave with only candles. I was so afraid inside of the cave actually.

I finally learned how to ride the bike that winter, too. You taught me so patiently using my small green bike. We went to the parking lot and helped me by running by my side. It was unbelievable. You taught me how to ride the bike in 1 hour. Even my mom was amazed.

Because of you, that Spring, I could ride the bike with you at Sluis, Netherlands. We biked for an hour and ate some ice cream.

That May we celebrated our first year of knowing each other. You gave me roses—twelve of them—straight from Belgium. You are always the sweetest.

Second summer we spent together was the best so far.

We went to the mountain of Ardannen with your friends, Kayaked 17km for 5 hours. We argued on the Kayak; each getting in each others’ nerves. It was funny.

That summer was even more memorable with the Afro C Festival we went to. We weren’t familiar with the acts and even the music but it was the first time we danced together. We danced like there was no tomorrow. It was so much fun that thinking about it put a smile on my face.

Same summer, we went to Rome: It rained so bad, we got stuck on the center island, in the middle of 2 pedestrian crossings. Both lights were red and we had no choice but to stay there under the drizzle. We were dripping wet and the people on the motorcycles looked at us as if we were idiots. I can’t forget when we rode the bus, also in Rome, we did not pay simply because we didn’t know how to. Then I dropped my phone on the bus as soon as the door closed. My heart skipped a thousand beats and we run after the bus to get it again. When we went to Vatican and you teased me so much I got so grumpy haha. Those times it was so hot in Italy we bough slushies that freeze our brain or the time we bought pizza then ate it at the steps of the plaza.

I surely won’t forget when we went to Michael Angelo Park in Florence. We sat there, overlooking Florence while we waited for the sunset. Something else happened then yet I think it deserve a whole post about it. 😉

I won’t disregard when we looked for masks in Venice, watch the canals and granolas (because Venice was our last stop, trying to be thrifty haha). Finally, the last night in Italy, we sat at the plaza in Venice, near the water—talked about our future; our goals. I would never forget that night. The lights were all over the posts, some tourists throwing the toy that light up, Italians walk around in their nice clothes and… we were there; trying to prolong our summer.

That fall, you went to Japan and we attended a party. You were back January and went to the memory lane in Shinjuku, ate the best Ramen you had. Last Spring, we went to Keukenhof. I was wearing heeled boots and I took it off, walked bare foot there. haha We also had a quick trip to Amsterdam.

However, the highlight of our trips so far is Belgium—your home. Belgium is one of the most underrated countries. Small yet full of beautiful architectures, full of history with also the touch of country side. Yet, the best things about Belgium are not only those things but you and your family. You family welcomed me as one of their own. They call me their daughter, they treated me so well. They love me. Even seeing your friends was one of the best memories I had. They were nice and accepting. Belgium felt like home because of them and you, of course.

All these things, I can’t believe just happened in 2 years. For me, it feels like I’ve known you forever and not only for 730 days. The thing is, we had all the crazy adventures but we also had a fair share of challenges being in LDR. Behind every trip, we cry when we say goodbye. Behind every smile is our struggle of being together. Even if things are not always on a high note especially when we are not together, even after every trip we cry before we say goodbye, I actually think it’s worth it.

The loneliness when we are not together is all replaced when we are. All the sadness gone when we see each other again. Everything seems to be fine when we are together and so, that is our aim.

Happy 2nd year my Schatje. We’ve come a long way from Tokyo bay and you know what, we’re not stopping now. We will go further. Hou van je, mijn Schatje. Mahal kita.


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