ただいま! Japan, I’m back!

3 weeks, Almost 20 days in the Philippines and it felt so short. The days just flew and gone by. First in my lists of dilemmas before going out of the country was the itinerary. Hell, that was tough. Everyone wants to meet Redmar and so… we had plans almost everyday of meeting my friends, old colleagues,  family, etc. Second to my list was going to the beach, which was a bit of a fail because of the weather and monsoons. Thank you, ph.

Anyway… I’ll post a blog about our trip soon.  Actually I re read the blog post I scheduled posting last 27th of July (I pre-made it) and my gosh… too much mistakes and tbh, it looks forced an unnatural. Sorry about that.

Also… School’s won’t start before September that gave me 2 weeks off coming back but I felt even more busy the week I came back and today’s only my official rest. Yes, I’ve been very busy doing papers, went to immigration and my private tutorial. I expect the same for the next few days before I’m back in school for teaching again.

So my blog’s officially out of the Hiatus status and let’s wish I won’t be a lazy-ass blogger again since the 30-Day Blog challenge ended!

Fingers crossed,




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