The lucky ones

When I was young, I thought when you find someone who you will fall for, it’s going to be the last; the enchanting first and last. Yet, the truth crept on me after my first relationship ended. The idea was shattered. Reality is: Finding your match is not as easy as swiping left and right. Finding them can be a deadly process that includes investing your feelings, time, resources—your life basically—to the wrong ones. The thing is, you can even be broken so many times before you find that someone. Those who skip the process and jumps to find them without errors are the lucky ones. The rest, like me, we went/go through the process.But you know what, when the right one is found, all the mistakes would seem so void and unimportant than once we thought they were.

So to the person I know who’s going through the phase: you might not be part of the lucky category but you will find her. Someday, somehow. That person who will not treat you like garbage and will be perfect for your personality. Don’t worry. When you find her, everyone else before her will be nothing but a memory; a void; a stop a long the road.

Persevere, my friend.


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