Puerto Galera // ARY

Adventures of Redmar & Yuki: PUERTO GALERA

We arrived at Batagas port, that Monday morning. The wind was a bit strong and there was a drizzle before we got there. I wasn’t much of traveler when I was in the Philippines so I was shocked upon going down the bus. There were 4-5 men who greeted me, everyone started talking. I wasn’t that familiar with the port as well so my aura surely showed that I can be fooled easy. Plus, I have a foreigner with me. It was a bit chaotic. They were all trying to get my attention, try to help with tickets and in the end, asked for a “tip”.

As we finished being harassed outside, we went in for our luggage scans. 2 men were still following us for their “tip”. I had no more small money so I said I’ll give it when I get back but they still tried to ask for it for couple of times. Redmar took my arm and told me to just go. In short, the men didn’t not profit from us.

TIP: Don’t listen to the fixers. Don’t let them help you. It’s not their job and buying a ticket is so easy, you can do it on your own.

Inside was okay but the problem that day was there was a monsoon in the Philippines. Thus, the waves were big and the direct boat to Puerto Galera wasn’t allowed by the coast guard to go. Our ride was delayed for more than 2 hours before we decided to change route.

There were 2 ways going to Puerto Galera: the direct ferry ride or, the bigger boat going to Sabang, Mindoro then an hour drive going to Puerto Galera via van. Because it was August, the typical rainy season in the Philippines, we did the latter route going and back. It was a hassle, to be honest, but nonetheless, it was worth it.

By the way, at the entrance of Puerto Galera, there is a gigantic waterfall. Don’t miss it!

There are a lot of places you can stay at Puerto Galera. My friends and I wanted to stay at White Beach, where most tourists go for the night life and bars are there but Redmar insisted to go to a resort named: Buri Resort and Spa. Going to Buri, we have to take a smaller boat.


The resort is beautiful and breathtaking; employees were very helpful and accommodating. Only thing I could say is the food cost a lot. We met a couple who said they brought a lot of food in their luggage bag. That’s actually very wise and economical. We spent more than 20,000Y on food (ofc in Philippine peso; more or less 160€).

Day 1: We went fishing for 2,000Y (40€) all morning. I got a clown fish, which I later on put back and Redmar got 2 yellow fin fish and 3 more in the bucket. I don’t know what they were. It was actually calming to do. We went to a deeper sea and used a gear by hand rather than using the fishing rod. We also used a squid as bait.

It rained and we decided to go back to our Resort. We got a bit bored so we kayaked around for free courtesy of the resort. We didn’t go far though because the waves were getting big because of the Monsoon.

Day 2: Our initial plan was to go to the White Beach and buy some food to barbeque on the beach. However, when we woke up that day, the rain was so bad. We asked the front desk to arrange a boat but they did not allow us to go for the waves were too strong. We stayed in just swam at the resort’s pool.


Day 3: It was still raining really roughly and we decided to come home early since we can’t do anything at all anymore.

TIP: never plan your vacation in the rainy season for obvious reasons.

Anyhow, the view was nice and calming, the resort was beautiful, clean and serene. We might not have done a lot but we got so much rest that we needed.



Transportation cost:
Bus to Batangas port: 200php
Boat to Sabang, Mindoro: 200php
Van to Puerto Galera: 100php
Boat to Buri Resort: 200php
TOTAL: 700php / 1,800Y /14€


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