The start of the year to be o-ber! Ha!

August just glided by. I still recall the nightmares it brought me—the stress of going back to the Philippines, the anxiety of my boyfriend’s arrival, the work and the hassle of the visa requirements. The list, it goes on. However, it’s all over now. September is finally here! My apprehensions are gone and everything went smoother than I expected.

I’m sure everyone will post to wake them up when September ends. I say, don’t fall asleep for in 3 months’ time, the year ends. How 2016 flew by.

This month means so much to me: Start of the school year and end of my long summer vacation. It’s also the end of the extreme heat of Japan’s summer and hello—soon enough—autumn. September means I’m closer to my goals. Our goals.

Cheers to this new month and new things ahead. And, make the most of the remaining days of this wild, action-packed, 2016.


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