On Wednesdays we wear pink.

Most people love Wednesdays—I certainly used to. It’s the middle of the week, the weekend is beyond sight and days at work will be almost over temporarily.

Now, unfortunately, I dread this day every week. I wish I could call our Kyoto Sensei like how Karen talked to Regina on the phone, “I’m sick” *cough* *cough*. I’m sure he’ll reply the same, “Boo! You wh*re!” Well, maybe that’s hyperbole but among others, he knew I hate this day because I don’t like one of my classes.

It’s funny how once class—among 20 others who are far better, fun and enjoyable—can change my mood the whole day. The whole week, even. Since I started teaching, I’ve experienced difficult classes. 2 Years ago, I saw myself every week inside the class room, the homeroom teacher was not helping me teach nor discipline his class, girls were chatting and gossiping, boys roam around and the noise echoed the whole building. That time, I just kept telling myself it will be all over and I’m going to Europe soon. It was my first time then to travel that far so I was stoked. It was my motivation. The following year, I had a difference case of difficult one. That time, the girls were quiet and looked so mean. The boys didn’t stop talking. The class had zero energy and no positivity. The ambiance was dark and cold. I didn’t know how I survived it.

This year, it is more frustrating for me. First, because it’s my 2nd year in that school—meaning: they already know me. However, it is still so difficult. There are 4 boys that distract the class: two of whom kept roaming and talking all the time. This results to the class being interrupted a couple of times and I can’t teach properly. Girls look exhausted. To be honest, they are nice but I felt sad for them for the boys are major distractions. It was so bad yesterday that their HM teacher have to carry one boy out of the room. My Japanese coordinator and I tried to control the class but they can’t be handled well so the Vice Principal will help next time around.

*BIG SIGH* I literally just sighed after typing those. Wednesdays drains my energy so much.

Something I learned though is: if a class is difficult during English, it’s definitely difficult in other classes. Proven by the Music and Home Economics teacher who told me she is having a difficult time as well. Honestly, that’s a relief. Another is, there will always be 1 in 20 classes that is difficult and yet, I always feel more drained by the one than the 20. Like how I hate Wednesdays, I love Thursdays. I guess I just have to put everything in perspective.

But as of now, I hate Wednesdays and I refuse to wear pink.


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