Why you should shut the world and plug in Mr. Robot

[Spoiler level: low]


“Hello, friend” Elliot, a computer genius, welcomed us to his world in the pilot episode with these 2 words. His character is the heart of the show and the first episode was about him solely. He’s awkward but oddly charismatic.

Like books that we mostly judge the art of the cover, we judge a series with the first ever episode. I certainly did. I told myself I’m going to watch just one and if it’s not my thing, I will stop.

To be honest, it’s not my thing: computer jargon, slow paced, the stillness of the scenes (at the start, of course) and the technicalities. However, this Elliot Anderson intrigued me. I didn’t just watch the first episode—I finished the entire first season in two days.

Similar to everybody else, I was captivated how excellent the show turned out to be. If you’re living in a cave and never heard of the show or if you’re thinking twice in viewing it: let me give you only 5 reasons why the rest of the world is obsessed with Mr. Robot.

1. There’s a little bit of Elliot in all of us

Elliot Anderson is a complex character. He’s a computer engineer by day as his job and a vigilante hacker by night. He has social anxiety, depression and issues with his childhood. He always hated the society and how an invisible hand is controlling everyone yet; he chose to help people and wanted to “save the world”. Except for his very particular ability with computers, He is in fact very relatable.

Rami Malek, the actor who plays Elliot often talk about in his interviews about Elliot’s social alienation. To me, this part of him was the most relatable. At some point in our short lives, don’t we all feel separated and can’t simply find the place in this world? Isn’t it common to find ourselves lost, at some point, and have no idea where to go?

At least, I do. The awful feeling that the world is made of hundreds of countries and billions of people and yet, there is still the feeling of indifference. The division is strong, stereotypes everywhere. I felt this personally stronger when I moved to a different country—constant alienation, the constant need to find my niche.

That’s not always the case, though. One can also simply be alienated in their own country. The society has its own standards and once we fall short, we don’t matter as much.

Furthermore, there is depression. He’s lurking and wanting to be felt. He goes well with social indifference. They go hand in hand. Elliot went to work normally but once he comes home, he felt more alone than ever. Besides his fish, he had nothing. He continually cried beside his bed for the loneliness was unbearable.

Again, isn’t Elliot, somehow, in all of us?


2. Simply amazing storytelling

The whole show is about how Elliot perceives everything. Mostly, it’s his point of view. His voice was always narrating, he’s always explaining things to us—his imaginary friends. Maybe this is the reason we feel attached to the character. We hear his thoughts, we know his secrets. We know what he’s going through his head and so—the viewers feel like they’re part of Elliot’s journey.

With that, too, we always feel the tension when things go a little shaky on the show. It is a different approach in television and definitely amazing.

3. It takes you to a world you never recognized to existed

Computers, laptops, smart phones, credit cards… we’re all now using technology and gadgets. We use the internet so much in a day and our accounts are piling up—facebook, email accounts, blog, etc. And yet, we are oblivious of the fact that there might be someone out there, spying on us; hacking our e-mails, checking our facebook messages, even seeing what we do through our own webcams. Maybe someone out there knows more about us than our own friends. This is what the show depicted—the truth that hackers exist. They live and breathe the same air and we are never secured—our data, our personal information, everything is out in the open. It’s scary, actually.

Elliot’s social anxiety and alienation led him to stalk everyone in the internet. He knows every single detail of one person. He can look into their dating apps, their personal emails, he can crack their passwords. In fact, Elliot was capable of more. You should watch it if you want to know what more he can do with his computer skills.


4. The show brings awareness to mental health and drug addiction

As you probably now think… yes, Elliot has mental illness. He resorted to drugs when his loneliness got so unbearable. He said in the show normal people will call their friends and families but he has his morphine.

The show clearly viewed the life of a mentally unstable person and how even with their psychiatrist they tend to hide everything and lie. It’s an illness that should be treated yet if the person doesn’t want to help himself, there would be a little bit of a problem.

It also showed awareness that some of us may be living this way and we might not notice it. It’s hidden and never fully shows. Sometimes, there are wounds that a psychiatrist can’t help and being with the person who needs help is one great thing for them. Angela, Elliot’s best friend, always said she was there for him but to be honest, he was more there for her.

5. It’s never predictable

In the 10 episodes of season 1, not one I uttered the words, “I knew it!”. Never. I was always caught off guard by the twist of the show that it made me think. Hell, it made me think so many times my brain hurts. The story was calm at the start, got thrilling middle part and at the end; you’ll finish it with a BIG question mark on your face.

Oddly, you wanted more. You will want for more after the finale. You will want to see Elliot again, his journey and how he turned out.

Luckily for me, season 2 is up and ready. Unluckily for me, I will have to wait for 2017 for another season.

BONUS: Elliot is played by the handsome Rami Malek. It’s such a pleasant thing to see him on the screen even if sometimes he’s just snorting morphine. Also, he won best actor for a drama series at the Emmy’s recently for this show.


Nuff said.

If you want to see Mr. Robot season 1 and 2, click this Link.

Also… this post is NOT paid. I’m not that popular to promote something. I only promote things I am passionate about.


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