Wake up your friend for September just ended // September Favorites

October – 2 months ’till the year ends.

September was a little bit stressful for me with the school opening again, work load came crashing and I started doing personal tutorial. I started a few months back in July with one student. Then after summer, I had another one. Now, I have 4.


I wanted to do like, “My favorite things in September” blog post but I was dead tired last Friday with classes and tutorials. So, here are my September Favorites

1. Eyebrow pencil from Daiso

One of my best friends, Jastine, shaped my very odd eyebrows this month. I also asked her to help me do it. As a result, I can’t get out of the house without shaping them. I got this dark brown eye brow pencil at Daiso, the cheapest store in Japan for only 100Yen (46Pesos!). It’s really bright-colored and very nice on my skin tone. It’s such a great deal for a good quality.


Daiso Eyeliner / / Photo from this

2. Maybelline Winged Eye Liner

For my brows are now nicely done, I bought a new eye liner as well. I had one for years but it’s starting to get really bad when applied. I naturally would go for Kate Tokyo because it’s my brand. I recommend it. Anyway, I went to the store and last-minute before I bought the Kate eye liner, I saw this Maybelline one.

The thing is, my eyes are different. One is bigger than the other and so applying an eyeliner is painful for me. The eyeliner for one is very thin. I prefer a thicker one because I need thicker lines. However, it’s good for the wing. I can now perfect it with one apply contrary to so many mistakes I had before.


Photo from here

3. Red Nike Dress (No picture on purpose)

A friend gave me a gift and to my surprise it’s a sporty Nike dress with a bonus: in Red. It’s cute and fun and I love it. I would wear it everyday if I can. Haha. I won’t show the picture because… Just because haha

4. Mr. Robot and Rami Malek

I just can’t get enough of this series that I kept nagging everyone about it. Also, Rami Malek is to die for. He might be in my favorites for a long time haha

5. These two. Life is so much better with friends.


So… that’s it for the favorite things I had in September! What’s yours?



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