It was a busy day today. I had only three classes yet the time glided by. I allotted my time in my English room, putting decorations for Halloween. Then after finishing everything, I looked outside the window. Papers were hanging on them, the sky was pale as it was about to rain and it made me melancholic.

October. Summer is about to pass and we are now experiencing the bipolar weather: extreme hot and extreme cold. Autumn is coming and winter will come a long. Another year will pass in just two months.

I wish I could stop time.

As we grow old, time passes quicker. I just wanted to stay Fifteen to be honest. In the middle of being a child and an adult. If only I knew adulthood will be this complicated, I should have enjoyed more of my childhood. But it’s too late to contemplate that now.

Somehow, I have a strange feeling my world will turn again this October. I am waiting for something, yes but I have a feeling it will come soon. Or, it’s just me.

Whatever happens this month, I’m hopeful and let’s see if October will change my life.


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