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Autumn in my heart Feat. Tokyo Skytree

Japan may be popular with cherry blossoms but autumn seems to be a pretty season for trees, too. There are a lot of different other colors but my girl friends and I decided to visit Meiji jingu Gaen popular for their yellow ginko trees in November.

Photo not mine / CCTO
That photo is the perfect photo of the place. Of course. But, you should know upfront: there’s so much people at that spot.

My friends and I went there November 20th, which they say is the best bloom of the trees yet not everything was yellow. TIP: Visit the place late November to early December.

Any how, we still enjoyed the view and managed to take a lot of good photos.


Meijing Jingu Goen is located at Shinjuku, Tokyo.Nearest station is Aoyama-ichyome. From there, it’s a 5 minute walk to the Garden.

From Aoyama-chiyome, Skytree is only 5 stops away (Oshiage Station) so we decided to pay a visit and eat dinner there.

Skytree is the tallest structure now in the Japan with 634.0 meters. It opened March 2011. TRIVIA: The first few years I visit Japan (I come every year for 6 years before decided to stay), Tokyo Tower was still the biggest structure here. I was here when Tokyo Skytree was built and open.

Anyway, The structure is a telecommunication tower. The usual color differs on the season. When we went there, of course, it was colored red, blue and yellow–the autumn colors.

Tokyo Solamachi is the mall around Skytree. There are a lot of things to do and to eat with inside.There are also illumination at the viewing deck because Christmas is coming! Usually they have an ice skating rink outside every Christmas season too but I didn’t see it this year. Or, maybe, I didn’t noticed it.


Tokyo is such a beautiful place and I, for one, is still and always will be in love with this city!


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