Snow in November

Sorry for posting too much today. I only had the drive now and if I stop, I don’t know when will it come back. lol

So… After 54 years, it snowed again in the Tokyo area in November.

It was funny because we have been hearing the news a week before but I never really thought it will happen because it never really snow in November in our area. In Hokkaido, sure but at this part of Japan, it’s still Autumn. The peak of winter here is always January to February and then by those months, it snows. I told myself, it won’t happen; it was just a forecast.

Yet, I woke up that Thursday. I went down to the living room and opened the window: It was, indeed, snowing. I was amazed and puzzled at the same time.


I wore my long down jacket, my snow boots and my big umbrella. I was chilly but I was still in shock. I went to the convenience store to withdraw some money for my train pass was low of load and I forgot my umbrella there lol. I remembered it as I entered the train.

Good thing I have another umbrella in my bag (smaller and folding). I rushed through the people to catch my bus but… I missed. After 54 years, it snowed in November and there was I: Walking to school for about 30 minutes under the drizzle.

It did snow roughly the whole day. My students were lost of focus as they were watching it fall. It was really beautiful when watching it.

I have no idea if it’s because of Global warming but my dad said it’s Japan’s way of saying goodbye to me. Because, you know, one of the many meanings of my name in Japanese is Snow. Yuki. Yukifutemashita. It rained Yukis. LOL



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