Just a multiply account v3.0

I never believed in the theory of Darwin that humans evolved from apes. Maybe because I was raised in a Christian family and I believe in a Supreme Being than Science. For one, I can’t set to mind how we started as a bacteria that became a fish somehow, had some legs… you know the theory.

However, I believe in evolution. Everything changes and it evolves to something else. My blog certainly did. (You didn’t think this is just seguing of my writing, did you? Gotcha. Lol)

I started blogging in High school. It was blog diary. It’s still up until now and I still cringe every time I visit it. I went to multiply.com in college and I did pretty well there. I blogged better and with more sense; Unfortunately, Multiply died. I didn’t save most of my blog posts and after some longing to it, I created this blog. The name suggests that I miss my old unsaved one.

I started this, as far as my memory remembers as a blog named, “Deperadang Nobelista” (A Desperate Novelist). I still have all the banners I made for the perfect site. That was my version 1. Then, I got bored of it and deleted everything then put some sort of artsy background. That’s my version 2—but to be honest, unlike the first version, it doesn’t have a point.

I write for self-expression and yet I don’t feel like my blog have a theme. It’s so random! I sometimes envy my friends who have more concrete with their blog theme: one of my friends writes about restaurant reviews; considerable since he finished restaurant management; other with Japanese animae. I just flow in whatever that comes into my mind.

Until, recently, while making a new banner for my front page, I just typed in three words without thinking: books, travels and life. Exactly what my blog is about.

I have reviews some of the books I’ve read and to tell you, I have more. Also, I posted some travels I had and again, I have more.

So for the latest version of my blog, it will be these three things. I couldn’t be happier.

After years and years of blogging, I finally found the niche I am comfortable with. An evolution.



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