Why I slowed down posting on social media

Scrolling through my newsfeed one day, I crossed one post: a picture of a tongue. To be specific, a picture of her mouth open with tongue out in a super close up to edify the big wound on it. The caption said it was painful. Boy, I couldn’t agree more. It was literally painful (I guess) but it was also painful to see on social media. Do we really have to go that extent? Do we really have to post EVERYTHING we do, places we go, people we meet, food we eat and… wounds we have?

To be fair to this one, she’s not the only one who posted a wounded photo of them. I have seen bloody legs, fingers, and people dying in the hospital, who were in an accident. I can’t help but wonder… why??????????????

Since I moved to Belgium, I almost completely stopped posting things on my social media accounts. Occasionally, I still do but not as regular was I done before and I didn’t do much before either. My mom was worried about me because she was always waiting for my posts on facebook. But, not posting doesn’t mean nothing’s happening in my life. It’s actually the other way around.

I slowed down posting because…

  1. I don’t feel the need to put everything on social media. I don’t have to rub my life to anyone. If anything, I want to post something that has a meaning or… relevance.
  2. When I am doing something, I always forget to take photos. Yes, I do now. Maybe because people here don’t have the need to take pictures every single time they meet. No one uses their phones when we go out and I never thought of using mine as well.
  3. Lastly, I just had a 3-year long distance relationship with my boyfriend. Back then, I post everything I do so he can see it and I post our pictures all the time because it’s something rare to happen. Now that we are settled in one country, I don’t feel like posting anymore. I don’t need to update him of my social network—he’s always with me! And I don’t feel the need to take a photo of us together—we’ll be together for a while now!

I know… it’s a free world, a free social network. It’s a place to say your opinions and use your freedom. I have no right to say, don’t post this or that. I just wish people limit their postings. I just wish they know where the borderline is.

When someone is dying, please… for the love of life… don’t post their antagonizing photos. I feel bad for them because they can be seen like this and will be remembered like this. If you’re in the hospital, please… put your attention in getting better and not uploading your selfies. We don’t need to see everything—not your injuries, not 200 of your selfies, not your new things and not your life 24/7.

I want you to go out there, have fun and put your phone down. Live for the moment and stop wasting time waiting for likes.


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